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Work Flow


Every single project starts from imagining something new, different, stimulating and sursprising


From ideas to technologies, exploring different pieces to build up new Brainware


We melt together ideas, desires, technologies and imagination to create a tailor made solution


Software, Hardware and Brainware are mixed together within a refine process to let artwork shine


Creation is delivered, installed, tested, played and enjoined with pleasure of both customer and our team

Our Portfolio



Event Social Interaction


Interactive Edutainment


Tourism Activation

Nestlè Kids Corner

Interactive Game

Hawaiian Virtual Reveal

Interactive Virtual Reality

Jeep OffRoad Territories

Virtual Test Drive

Yasava Ebace 2015

Virtual Private Jet

Coop Virtual Store

Interactive Virtual Reality


Digital Interactive Theater

Telecom Interactive Agorà

Event Social Interaction


Interactive Game

Telecom Muse

Permanent Expo

Diesel "Dress On Dress"




Alitalia Expo

interactive game



Ministry of Health Convention

Social Interaction

Shanarà, I-Bar

Multitouch surface


The "Ge-Dhir" Journey

Vatican Museum

Interactive Area

Enel Expo @Milan

Interactive Exposition

I colori di Giotto

Interactive room

BMW Mini Launch Event

Social Interaction

El semaforo nutritional

Interactive Game

The Social Cave

Interactive Space

Big Blue 2010

Interactive Zone


Interactive Art

Light Alive Show

Interactive Mapping

  • Working with BCAA is challenging and innovative: the team always manages to impress for the level of commitment and passion that allows you to achieve results that always will exceed your expectations

    Alessandro Braca, CEO @ Optimares

  • BCAA proved to be a most valuable partner and not only completed the program on schedule and on budget, but greatly added to the concept. The final result was more than any of us expected !

    Christofer Mbanefo, CEO @ Yasava

  • Reliable and responsive, so I define BCAA in two words. In a highly technological and tricky market such as interactivity, BCAA is simply priceless: you are just sure that, at any cost, they guarantee the result

    Andrea Campironi, Technical Director @GiochiDiLuce UAE

  • BCAA immediately understood our objectives and constantly exceeded our expectations of what technology could do to bring our brand to life

    Avi Mannis, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.

  • What I appreciate most about working with BCAA is their ability to merge together art and technology, passion and commitment. Nothing is ever too difficult or too much trouble for them, they will always find ways to create mesmerizing new experiences.

    Ascanio Malgarini, CEO @ GOOOD


  • 2016
  • 22 Sep 16

    Malaysia Mission

    BCAA was invited and hosted in Kuala Lumpur to attend an internationalization business path. Asian business activation was exciting and passed through a workshop during Converge Event.

  • 9 Jan 16

    Virtual Reality Toolset

    We rolled out a brand new Toolset to build interactive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, focusing attention on experience digitalization

    Download pdf

  • 2015
  • 20 Oct 15

    Hawaiian Virtual Reveal

    BCAA & GOOOD realized the Virtual reality reveal for Hawaiian First Class Cabin.


  • 2014
  • 9 Jan 14

    Social-Interaction Toolset release

    After developing some projects social related, we developed our own framework to include social activities into our project. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram supported.

    Download pdf

  • 2013
  • 10 Sep 13

    Moving Lab To SPQWork

    After a long time in I-tech Incubator, the Lab moves to new location.

  • 2011
  • 12 Jan 11

    Digital Life

    When it all began, again, near the Gulf of Argo Navis, the beginning of the Vacuum, primordial beings appeared, the First: The Dreamers.

  • 2010
  • 8 Sep 10

    Projection Mapping @ Ercolano

    The Light Alive Show was a realtime audio/video show, using projection mapping on irregular surfaces of Ercolano site.


  • 2008
  • 3 Jul 08

    Best Innovative Product

    BCAA started a partnership with CNR and wins Innovalazio 2007 with K.I.S. (Kilyka Intercative System), a smooth Natural User Interface defined Best Innovative Product

  • 2007
  • 22 May 07

    Proprietary Markerless Motion capture

    BCAA develops own Motion Capture Markerless system

  • 17 May 07


    Early days, start it Up !

Our Team

People that create, think, work, dream, produce and refine, with passion

Mirko Arcese

Solutions Explorer

My job is to imagine and apply solutions, or something like that, at the end of the day is just a point of view. I like the sea, i love to windsurf and I'm not quite sure I born in the "correct" moment of history, still I adore being alive.

Vincenzo Lancianese

Daunian Hero

Curiosity is what make me go ahead. A good day is the one I learned something new. I like technology, pasta al pesto and wearing unmatching socks.

Maria Kiseleva

Graphic Designer

Hi, my name is Maria.Russian graphic designer stuck in Italy. I'm really good in designing matreshka and balalaika but can do also other stuff. Pretty good in making pictures. I'm proud to be a part of bcaa team.

Emanuele Costanzo

3D Artist - Unity Generalist

Surely, I can say I'm from Sicily.

Bigad Soleiman

Senior Software Consultant

"Big four" Software Engineer with years of experience in multinational industries. His motto: Hope it's not a strategy

Matteo Curcio

Creative Technologist

I’m a creative technologist who loves cats.

Fabiola Verriet

Market Explorer

International business and languages student.Too cool for the weird kids, too weird for the cool kids.

Il sapo

Interactive Developer

I feel still kinda confused about myself

Gabriele Panci

3D Artist

I realize just now, while I'am writing, that I'am completely involved in 3D graphics since 16 years...

The Unnamable

Unity Developer

I'm a secret weapon...

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