• ENEL Expo@ Moscow

    BCAA realized interactive environments and installations at ENEL expo in Red Ocotber Gallery, moscow, customer Fonema.

  • ShanarĂ , I-Bar

    MultiTouch Surface @ Rome, 2011

  • 3DOM The "Ge-Dhir" Journey

    Experience & Interactive Area @ Rome, Digitalife2 2012 Some men breathed pure beauty of non-art through the Ge-Dhir, other have created religions streamlining and categorizing First'dream, few have seen over the limit, the Void, they have dreamed of their desire. We dreamed of the Ge-dhir and build it as a technological interpretation...

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BCAA Srl is a new media agency always been involved in the creation and development of innovative products and services, integrating motion capture, audio, animation, communication, web and multimedia systems.

BCAA projects aim to reach fully immersive experiencies, using the best tecnologies and custom solution, leaving users free to be human beings, experiencing multimedia through human senses.

Actually BCAA developed permanent installations for museums, clubs and public structures, same time the team creates temporary installations and shows, for events, contest, concerts, theatre and everything that is interdisciplinary , cross-media, working with performers, musicians, singers, painters, actors and so on, everytime building a unic experience, by a custom piece, from the idea to working stage, BCAA build up around a concept, experiment to enjoy new solutions.