3DOM is a system which is capable of interpreting the human body in its movements, making it the author of optical projections, sound vibrations, and interactive audio-visual stimuli. 3DOM is an interactive space designed for the human body experience, where the presence and movement are both generative and cognitive aspects. Ge-Dhir Journey Synopsis: When it all began, again, near the Gulf of Argo Navis, the beginning of the Vacuum, primordial beings appeared, the first: The Dreamers. They transmitted Emanation, for some of us it was the light, for some others it was sound or time, vibration and energy, the coincidence and unconsciousness. Following the universal expansion Void became increasingly distant and impenetrable, the Dreamers then created, through the non-technology, Ge-Dhir, confluence nests scattered in the peripheral regions of the Gulf, to amplify and propagate the waves of Emanation.

Some men breathed pure beauty of non-art through the Ge-Dhir, other have created religions streamlining and categorizing First’dream, few have seen over the limit, the Void, they have dreamed of their desire. We dreamed of the Ge-dhir and build it as a technological interpretation of a dream without technology, as a tight idea of a dream into emptiness. The experience of the Ge-Dhir through 3DOM wants to paraphrase the Emanation of Dreamers, making each visitor direct channel of First experience, decompressing “The essence of Vacuum Dreamers” into”Experience of dreamers here and now.”